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  • Brian Cole

Surgery meets the Metaverse

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Expanded Existence, Inc. (eXeX™), an innovative medical software company based in Orlando, FL, announced today that Dr. Robert Masson, CEO, and co-founder of eXeX™, performed the first reconstructive surgeries of any kind using the HoloOPS™ surgical system at the Masson Spine Institute this week.

eXeX™, a SaaS company, was founded by a group of passionate futurists – with a long history of leadership in neurosurgery, healthcare, and immersive technology.

The HoloOPS™ suite of software applications is redefining the setup and workflow of the operating room and surgical team. Using mixed reality and machine learning, creating the Surgical Metaverse™ will superpower surgical teams, enhance the operating room, and improve patient lives.

The advanced surgeries were performed with visiting surgeons from around the world and key strategic healthcare CEO advisors as the software continues to be developed and prepared for the commercial marketplace.

Unlike many augmented reality solutions for the Orthopedic and Spine Industry, which focus on the surgeon and specific aspects of surgical procedures, eXeX™ is designed to positively impact the operating room, particularly by enabling the surgical team. When asked what is the best way to use advanced technology to make surgeons better, Dr. Masson said, “The best way to make the surgeon better is to take away distractions; ensure instrumentation is available at exactly the right time with minimal verbal communication. Surgeons need the operating room to be consistent, lean, efficient, and calm to allow the surgeon to focus on delivering the very best surgical care.”

Dr. Masson, well known for his efficient, minimally invasive techniques and high-performance surgical teams, recognized that the OR is in great need of a technical solution that addresses antiquated methods of procedural planning and execution. Operating room management, equipment setup, inventory control, and resource allocation optimization in surgical procedures have been subject to the same methods since the early 1900s.

High staff turnover has compromised team effectiveness and efficiencies, resulting in lost revenue due to waste and operating room turnover delays; a stress-free surgical environment and, ultimately, patient safety and recovery are areas of substantial opportunity.

Five soon-to-be-announced, pre-selected elite musculoskeletal surgery facilities will participate in trials to optimize the initial software user interface for widespread adoption. For additional information: or

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