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Artificial Intelligence


Although AI will never replace actual recruiting, once the proper information is added into the algorithm, it has significantly increased our ability to improve our search process and it will continue to enhance our overall rate of success.  AI only works successfully when combined with vital criteria that can only be obtained when speaking to someone.  This would include such things as what motivates someone, their career goals and objectives as well as multiple other components that is imperative in order to match the right professional to the right career opportunity.  We have invested significantly in AI and calibrate each search and each client in order to provide our clients with unparalleled advantage.

Results Matter

Placement Ratios matter

Our Placement Ratios consistently outperform the industry.  The company goal of every search is to fill the critical role.  Thus, hiring a firm with long tenure, a deep network and a very narrow niche within a single industry, will substantially increase the likelihood of a successful search.

Our Offer To Acceptance Ratios are 93.1%.  Proper vetting of professionals as well as setting proper expectations is key to our successful results.

Days To Placement Ratios matter

Our average Days To Placement significantly outpaces the industry.  This metric realistically measures the overall efficiency of the search process.  The quicker the professional is placed, the quicker that they can begin to make an impact on your business.  In addition, the longer the search process takes, the longer the resources of everyone involved with the search process are being required versus being monetized in other capacities. 

Search Process

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