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CES 2023: Medical technologies you need to know

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Over 2,200 companies from around the world are exhibiting at this year’s CES, with many digital health companies promoting new technologies.

Wearables continue to draw attention at the event, which will have more than 100,000 attendees in person. Some of the technology at the show this year includes a fingertip blood pressure monitor and at-home urine analysis.

Here are a few devices you should check out at this year’s CES tradeshow.


Withings: U-Scan miniaturized health lab

Withings is showcasing its U-Scan hands-free connected home urine lab. The biomarker analysis platform hygienically sits within any toilet bowl to unlock health information in daily urine, according to the company.

Withings said the system gives an immediate snapshot of the body’s balance, monitoring and detecting a variety of health information. The company designed it to be a versatile platform that consists of a technologically advanced pebble-shaped reader. In addition, there are changeable analysis cartridges that assess specific biomarkers without the need for external sample capture or strips. Seamless sync to the Withings Health Mate app allows the user to view actionable insights based on daily readings.

Withings’ U-Scan reader is 90 mm in diameter and allows urine to flow to a collection inlet. A pump is activated when a thermal sensor detects the presence of urine, which starts as a sample’s fluidic journey within a microfluidic circuit.

The system collects the urine and injects a sample into a test pod where an optical module reads the chemical reaction. At the end of a measurement, the circuit returns to the idle position, and the remaining liquid is purged through a waste outlet. The system is cleaned with every flush.

The system’s reader begins the chemical analysis within moments and automatically transmits results through WiFi and rotates the cartridge to expose the next test pod to the injection point. Each cartridge supports up to three months of readings and allows Withings to continually develop and support the analysis of biomarkers associated with various medical and health conditions.


Nuralogix: Anura 'Healthy Selfie' continuous vital monitoring system

Nuralogix is showing off its Anura Telehealth at CES 2023. Anura is a platform that performs continuous health and vital sign measurements during video telemedicine calls.

The latest addition to the Anura platform uses conventional video cameras to extract facial blood flow information. The goal is to accurately calculate a host of vital signs and health risk assessments using common mobile and desktop devices, according to the company.

Nuralogix said the device conducts health measurements using a 30-second video scan. It has the ability to conduct continuous health scans. The video-based contactless health monitoring system uses video “selfies” and transdermal optical imaging technology, a form of remote photoplethysmography, It automatically detects a person’s face, identifies key regions of interest, and extracts blood flow information. In addition, it has AI data models developed from tens of thousands of patients with multiple health conditions.

Other features of the platform include continuous real-time vital sign measurement. Also, there is the ability to integrate with video conference software such as Zoom, Teams, Webex, Blue Jeans and more — and the ability to integrate with Telehealth software such as Plus, there are customizable interfaces, templates and reporting to accommodate different use cases.

So far, Anura can assess the physiological health vitals and indexes of blood pressure, cardiac workload, heart rate, breathing/respiratory rate, irregular heart rate, heart rate variability and facial skin age. It assesses mental health and risk assessments of mental stress, depression health risk and anxiety health risk, as well as the physiological health and risk assessments of type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, HbA1c, fasting blood glucose, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.


Valencell: Cuffless, calibration-free, over-the-counter blood pressure monitoring

Valencell is showcasing its cuffless blood pressure monitoring system at CES 2023. The calibration-free device is targeting over-the-counter use to measure cardiovascular vitals.

The company makes optical heart rate technology that has enabled wearables to accurately measure cardiovascular vitals during exercise. Now the company plans to launch its own branded product line in the digital health sector to concentrate efforts on bringing devices to market to manage chronic diseases.

Valencell is showcasing its first product candidate at CES to help people monitor and manage hypertension from home. It combines an intuitive app with an over-the-counter device to accurately measure blood pressure from the finger without a cuff or calibration, according to the company.

Pending FDA clearance, Valencell’s fingertip device will measure blood pressure in less than a minute using a small probe on the middle finger without the need for bulky or painful cuffs. Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors within the device use reflected light to measure blood flow patterns. Artificial intelligence algorithms, developed from PPG datasets comprising more than 7,000 patients, will be used to process the information with physical characteristics to calculate a blood pressure measurement. Diastolic and systolic results are displayed on the device’s built-in screen and transmitted via Bluetooth to the accompanying app.

Valencell’s blood pressure technology does not need to be calibrated to a BP cuff to be an over-the-counter, cuffless BP monitoring system.


eBuyNow eCommerce/Motorola: Moto Watch 100

Motorola and eBuyNow Commerce are touting their Moto Watch 100 smartwatch with fall detection.

The smartwatch has fall detection, emergency alerts, heart rate monitoring, SPO2 oxygen saturation alerts and daily updates to help monitor vulnerable family members. It also tracks health and fitness to measure, compare and share fitness goals.

Equipped with Moto OS, the Moto Watch 100 lets users master their unique biorhythms with a focus on health and routine. It is water resistant, has a battery-boosting operating system, and an intuitive interface, according to the company.

Moto Watch 100 features a heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, step counting, weight tracking, blood oxygen levels and 28 different sports modes with a battery life of up to two weeks of full-time use from a 60-minute charge.


Abys Medical: Surgiverse metaverse surgical planning suite

Abys Medical is touting its Surgiverse surgical decision-making suite out of the metaverse.

Surgiverse is a disruptive cloud core 3D solution with holographic assistance that improves surgical planning and organization of care with a better fluidity of operations, a reduction of friction costs, ensured traceability, a continuity in the transmission of data between team members, training and analyses to capitalize on the failures but also on the success.

The FDA 510(k) cleared software suite provides surgical teams with a true clinical decision support tool before and during operating room procedures.

The system’s Cysware is a cloud-based surgical planning web platform that allows for the creation of electronic patient files to prepare for surgery using digital twins modeled from medical imaging such as CT scans. The platform makes it possible to structure the surgical strategy, centralize it and share it with the rest of the medical team.

Cysart allows an access to the whole strategy through a digital cockpit that is directly connected to the platform using a wireless system of mixed reality Microsoft HoloLens 2. It also allows for the manipulation of the digital twin in the form of holograms and the visualization of all the information deposited in the electronic file of the patient.


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