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  • Alex Hattaway

How will market shares and the Status Quo change in the Spine market?

We are still shocked by the news of the acquisition of Nuvasive by Globus medical. It is undoubtedly a milestone in the world of the Spine. It will certainly put more pressure on its competitors!

A few hours Kevin Lobo posted on Linkedin about the Q Guidance System.He wrote: “Digital healthcare is a priority at Stryker because These technologies support clinicians throughout the continuum of care. We are developing innovations that leverage AI-powered software with imaging, instruments, implants, navigation, and robotics to further personalization and customization during planning, surgery, and post-op care and treatment. With input from surgeons, our Spine team recently launched the Q Guidance System with Spine Guidance Software, which is used for advanced planning and computer-assisted execution in spine surgery. It can help surgeons gain insights into a patient’s unique anatomy for personalized care.”

He is probably trying to say, “talk about Globus and Nuvasive but don’t forget that Stryker is there in the fight…”

This acquisition has broken the status quo that existed among the market leaders. It forces the competitors to react.

An example is Stryker, who acquired K2M and had the intention of being among the market leaders. Now, it remains in fourth place, with a share of 10.8% but almost 50% lower than Globus. Another situation to consider is that of Johnson&Johnson, who lower to third place with almost 10 points behind Globus.

Several questions therefore arise. Will J&J settle for third place? Will they sell their spine business by not having a leadership position? Will Stryker, with his usual aggressiveness, acquire another spine company?

But on the other hand, what company could be acquired? A year ago, Nuvasive, Seaspine, and Zimvie were available to potential buyers. Now after this movement and that of Orthofix, only Zimvie and Atec remain available.

Undoubtedly, many questions arise. What do you think? What can happen from now on?

Although after the publication of the final results for 2022, we will be able to make a more accurate estimate, today we can say that the market is as follows (leaders):

Estimated market shares 2023 today after Globus acquisition (GREEN) compared to Estimated end of 2022 (BLUE)

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